Native Speaker Teachers

Native Speaker Teachers

In Le Petit Prince Nursery, We insist that our kids learning English, French and Arabic only from Native Speaker Teachers

When you make a decision to enroll your child a nursery, one of important thing is to make sure that he will learn languages from native speaker teachers.

Why you should do this?
1. Learn correct pronunciation & improve your child accent!

pronunciation & improve your child accent First and foremost, when your child learn a language with a native speaker — he/she will hears how foreign words are pronounced correctly. Therefore, he/she will have a boost from the start compared to those learning language with someone who is not native.  Remember how English language sounds to foreigners when they’re taught by non-native people — the room for pronunciation mistakes is just too big.

2. Your child will be Easily to attend any international school!

Communicating languages with right accent gives your child more confidence and help him to attend any international school.

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