Various Classes

Various Classes

Nursery classes are more laid-back than your schools but more structured than a playgroup.
In Le Petit Prince Nursery, Children have the scope to sit through activities or participate in group activities that are planned for the day. This gives them an understanding of spending time doing a particular activity for an allotted period of time. There is unstructured play as well in which the learning is more through exploration. Skills such as imagination, gross motor, negotiation, and so on are explored. So, Our classes balance structured and unstructured time, it gives children an opportunity to participate in learning.

The children will rotate between all classes during the day, this will help them get rid of their boredom.

Children will have fun in the following areas:

  • English Classroom
  • French Classroom
  • Arabic  & Quraan Classroom
  • Montessori Classroom
  • Sensory play area
  • Soft play room
  • Outdoor play area
  • Indoor play area
  • Sand play area
  • Water play area
  • Napping room (if needed and as per parents request)
  • feeding room

The good thing is that our rooms  are very spacious, which makes the children feel comfortable when playing and moving and avoid the crowding.

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